About the Artist

Jan Garside 


Jan Garside, creator of Janga Art, (taken from the first letters of Jan's given name), was born in Wanganui New Zealand. Jan was educated and grew up in Nelson New Zealand, moving later to Australia in her 20's to work and travel. 

Later returning to New Zealand with her young son, Jan studied fashion design and pattern making and began to operate her own fashion label 'Navajo House' in Christchurch and later moved her family and business to Raglan, New Zealand.    Jan's interest in the arts began when she took up oil painting with a local artist in Hamilton NZ and later returned to Australia with her family where she investigated the techniques of acrylic painting. In 2001,

Jan entered and was accepted into the renowned NSW Border Art Prize held at Tweed Regional Gallery in Murwillumbah NSW. The Abstract piece of art Jan entered, was inspired by Jan's increasing interest and passion in the colours of the Australian outback, with various Australian iconic features and creatures appearing in the artwork. 

Taking inspiration from many years in the fashion design industry, including colour, contrast, and texture, textile design and composition as well as Jan's passion for floral gardens, these have all contributed to the different styles of work

Jan is now creating again where she is attracting interest from local buyers as well as pieces for the corporate business's seeking unique abstract artworks. This is evident by the consistent sales of the new works completed in recent months.