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“Indestructible" was inspired by the beauty of nature in an Australian late winter garden, to herald the coming of spring. Also being an avid gardener while living in New Zealand, magnolias were a prized in any garden for their glossy foliage and always appear to add value to a respective property with their beautiful blooms and naked stems. The rich grey winters background offsets the beauty of the creamy-white flower with its sweet, fruity perfume wafting for metres, enough to perfume the whole backyard. This is part of a set of three paintings, sold separately or as a triptych. Each painting has its own certificate of authenticity.

Note: All Janga Art pieces are signed upwards on the bottom right hand corner of the artwork. ie: Janga Art 22’ etc

Size: 91.5cm x 122.1cm x 3.5cm

On stretched canvas, ready to hang.

Requires framing if desired.